Parents info session

We have just confirmed a parents information session for Monday, September 18th. The brief session (not mandatory) will follow the administration session and precede the events of back to school night.

Performing Arts Room

6:30pm to 6:40pm

Monday, September 18th

Delaware Township School

The New Year!

Welcome to 2017/2018! The Club is currently launching its new program. Initial dates and times will be published in the next several days. A parents information session will also be scheduled during this time. The first session will be in October. Monday’s are still the preferred days. Stay tuned!!!!!

Our second session

On Monday, June 12th we hosted 30 young scientists! A fantastic turnout and great science. Once again, Mr. Mead and Ms. Maltese endeavored to further the curious nature of our students.

As a special surprise, Superintendent Dr. Wiener and Curriculum Supervisor Ms. Pillon popped in to see the club in action. We also welcomed another Science Warrior, Mr C. (Officially Mr. Chojnowski, Middle School science teacher) who stopped by with words of support and offers of assistance. Thank you all!

We revisited polymers this week. First with making edible Orbeez similar to our first session. However, this week the scientists requested to use lemonade as the liquid medium instead of water or Gatorade from our first session. The results were surprising. We learned that lemonade requires more sodium alginate in order to create the liquid spheres. Second, we learned that lemonade spheres taste only mildly better than Gatorade spheres!

The second half of our session focused on polymers as well. This time with a community favorite – SLIME!

The girls created an amazing assortment of slimes with differing levels of viscosity, elasticity, stickiness, and “icky-ness”.  Each scientist left the session with a take home version of their creations. This was another truly hands-on, messy afternoon. Apologies in advance to the parents if messes are created or transported home.

Great job girls and advisors!!

Stay tuned as we plan our next adventures.

More photos below:

Our first session

On Monday, June 5th we held the first DTS Girl’s Applied Science Club meeting. We had a great turnout of scientists-in-training and their supportive parents. Ms. Maltese and Mr. Mead led the girls through two hours of experiments, socialization, snacks, fun, and learning.

Our first session delved into the science of polymers. We made different types of edible polymer spheres. We used water and Gatorade mixed with sodium alginate into a bath of calcium chloride solution.

Quotes from the girls:

“The first session was really fun because when we mixed the goo in the water and the salt water it made amazing things”

“It was cool!”

“The laughter was the best part”

We look forward to our next session on Monday, June 12th immediately following school from 3:15pm to 5:15pm.