Earth Week!

On Monday, April 16th, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Abby O’Connor as a special guest. Dr. O’Connor (Dr. O for short) is an esteemed Associate Professor of Chemistry at TCNJ. Dr O shared her own unique career path opening our scientists’ minds to the possibilities in their futures.

Dr O then led the scientists through chemistry experiments demonstrating water density and salinity, and the effects of acid rain. She then introduced the girls to an Earth Week competition. Dive into Marine Chemistry is the theme of a national illustrated poem competition sponsored by the American Chemical Society. The girls then went to work selecting their topics and creating draft poems. Some scientists were able to complete their poems and began the illustration work. The girls were sent home with official entry forms and their draft entries. Final works are due back to school (via backpack delivery) to Ms. Maltese by the end of this week. Entries will be collected and submitted to the ACS by Dr O.

Here are some photos of our fantastic session. Thank you so much to Dr. O – great topics, great experiments, and a great role model for our scientists!

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