Our planet gets closer

On Monday, March 5th, we welcomed our largest group of girl scientists yet (46!).

Continuing our space theme, the intrepid scientists divided into three groups to push our planet finding plans further into the stratosphere.

Team 1 returned to the STEM Lab with Mr Mead to further their rocket designs and apparatus work. Great advancements in design and materials selection were made. These scientists will be continuing their work during lunchtime with Mr Mead in the coming days.

Team 2 began their work with Ms Maltese (again hosted in the most generous Mr Deneka lab). Their focus was on atmospheres and related phenomena (think clouds). Questions were posed, experiments constructed, results returned. The girls created their own self contained clouds complete with rain and condensation. Upon completion Team 2 swapped projects with Team 3.

Team 3 began their session under the expert guidance of Mr C. The day’s work revolves around the vastness of space. The girls learned about the dramatic distances between objects within our solar system. Moving into applied mode, the scientists trekked to the long hallway outside of the labs. A 150 foot long roll of paper was taped the floor with each pair of scientists adopting the role of a solar system object. They measured and marked their rightful places seeing distances at scale in real life.

Once again we would like to thank our great science leaders and our fantastic team of parent assistants.

Well done all!

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