The Next Frontier

On Monday, January 29th, our girl scientists commenced a narrative journey to other worlds. Specifically, we cast ourselves as planet hunters working at NASA seeking new planets in distant solar systems – and we found one!

The session began with a brief discussion and video of imagining the planets awaiting discovery and the great advancements in the field occurring daily. A truly exciting time to be a space scientist.

Our intrepid lead scientists, Ms Maltese and Mr Mead, were joined by a host of parent volunteers as we organized the girls into three teams.

Team 1 journeyed to Mr C’s lab next door and began the work of naming our newly found planet and designing and building a model of its solar system. The creations were truly stunning and the knowledge and thoughtful application of their knowledge was in full force. Parent volunteer all-star Kathy Hoffman began this session with an informative reading of our existing solar system and planets. Ginny, Stacy, Debbie, and Craig provided heavy letting assistance in the building of our astronomical creations.

Team 2 stayed resident in Mr Deneka’s lab to design and build working telescopes (the better to see our new found planet!). Ms Maltese led this fantastic hands on lesson of understanding and building working telescopes. The photos speak for themselves!

Team 3 (our older scientists) departed for the STEM lab with Mr Mead. Their task was daunting: begin designing and building a working model rocket ship. Prototypes were created and tested to powerful effect. More sessions will be planned to explore this deep and exciting area of science.

Finally, the teams reconvened with each group nominating speakers to update on their findings and show off their developments. The scientists demonstrated excellent skills at questioning, exploring, investigating, and reporting their findings.

Thank you once again to our sponsors, Ms Maltese and Mr Mead; our parent volunteers, Kathy, Ginny, Stacy, Debbie, Miller, Craig, and more! Thank you to Mr Deneka and Mr C for their lab use.

We are excited to continue our space exploration in the coming sessions. Stay tuned!

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