The new year begins!

On Monday, October 30th, we held our kickoff event after school.

40 young scientists actively engaged in some serious SQUID science.

Our fantastic team of Ms Maltese and Mr Mead invited Mr Deneka to lead a squid dissection session with his 8th grade girl scientists.

The event began with snacks and socialization time. We then distributed personalized lab notebooks and lab coats to each girl (apologies for being four coats short! More on the way!).

A tactile activity began our session with the girls reaching behind four dividers to feel unknown (yet safe) icky substances. The girls then captured their guesses in their lab books before the grand reveal.

Thank you to Kathy Hoffman – parent volunteer all-star for managing this cool start to the night.

Once cleaned up, it was squid time. A brief video was shown and the girls asked to capture their hypotheses and questions in advance.

Squids were then distributed with the 8th graders leading each project table in a full dissection.

The photos speak for themselves…

A truly remarkable evening. Real science. Real engagement. Real learning. Real fun.

Thank you to all!

Next dates arriving shortly!

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